"Do you ever have the time to do anything else?"





Duration approximately 2 hours 20minutes.

Taking in various haunted sites around the area, including Dudley Castle itself.

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Commedia Del 'Arte
Following is a collection of masks made for a Commedia project in 2002.
Although they are all made up in latex (in order to make duplicates) they are styled very closely on the original leather masks.
The Star from "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" (2003)

Deaths Marot

The ultimate fate of fools.

A Marot is the name given to the head on a stick carried by a jester. Usually a charicature of the jester himself, it is unlikely that real Medi-evel jesters had any such thing, and is probably a romantic 19th Century view of what a jester actually carried, which was an inflated pigs bladder tied to a stick.

Jesters Marot

Neutral Masks

Male and Female (Left & Right)